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Personal video poised to take off

To date, personal video hasn’t exploded the way photos have. But, like photos, personal video has the potential to break out from its role as a storehouse for memories of life’s key moments and become an integral part of consumers’ real-time social sharing habits.

With camcorders, creating a polished movie worth sharing took much more time, effort, and skill than enhancing and sharing photos -- even with easy video editing programs like iMovie. Most consumers lack the artistry to marry shooting video with high production values, editing, music, and dialogue to create a compelling narrative. This imbalance restricted taking video to special occasions and to use by dedicated prosumer hobbyists.

Now, video cameras have become ubiquitous on mobile phones, and short-form video apps like Vine and Instagram are familiarizing consumers with the concept of taking video anytime, anywhere. With easy-to- use tools from the likes of Animoto and Magisto arriving in an evolving ecosystem, longer, story-driven personal video is poised to take off. If the following take hold, adoption of personal video will match that of photo sharing.

Report is provided courtesy of GigaOm Research and Magisto.


The Action!  Roll-em: Personal video poised to take off report consists of 18 pages with 4 chapters.

Publication date:
December 2013


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