White paper explores financing options for photo app developers

In preparation for The ins and outs of funding mobile photography startups session at the Mobile Photo Connect 2014 conference, Suite 48 Analytics, the conference organizer, announces a free white paper that describes the considerations of leading photo app developers and mobile photo investors towards financing photo app startups.

The Financing Photo Apps study draws lessons from a series of interviews with photo app developers with revenues ranging from less than $100K to over $20M.  The investors span the range from angel investors to investment banks.

Topics include:

Valuation drivers in financing transactions
Valuation drivers at exit
Characteristics of "good" investors
Deciding between transaction and revenue goals
Deciding when it's time to get to market

Authors of the study are Don Strickland, president and CEO of Strickland & Associates and adjunct professor at Imperial College London, and Hans Hartman, president of Suite 48 Analytics and chair of Mobile Photo Connect.

The Financing Photo Apps white paper consists of 8 pages with 4 chapters.

Publication date:
September 2014


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