Terms and Conditions

License types 

Standard License:
Allows one person to access the report.  
Premium license:
Allow an unlimited number of people within the same company to access the report (aka a “site license”).


As we’re selling market research reports, we can not warrant the accuracy of the contents contained in the reports (“The Products”). The Products are furnished “AS IS.”


All sales are final.  Within seconds after payment you will view a page that contains a link from which you can download The Products. You will also receive an email containing the same link. 


All sales are final and we will not provide refunds.  
Exchange: if The Product files are corrupted, please email us at contact@suite48A.com and we will provide you with a new file within 48 hours.


For any questions please email contact@suite48A.com.  
We’ll do every effort to reply within 24 hours.